Bezirkslesewoche 2018

During the past weeks the class 4b had a special emphasis focusing on reading (almost) daily, sharing with a member of the family about the book, talking to one friend (possibly at hort) about what they have read and finally asking each other questions about the book.

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In the ESL group we then read “Frindle” together by Andrew Clements, a fascinating book that kept us smiling, created a lot of empathy for the Nick Allen, the main character, and has a completely unexpected twist at the end. We used our joint experience to make a reading journal entry together:

  • Writing a summary
  • About the author: Andrew Clements
  • Describing two characters (Nick Allen and Mrs Granger)
  • Personal opinion of the book
  • Star rating

On this basis the children each chose an individual book to present both in German and English using these parameters. We practised writing key words onto little cards, looking at the audience, speaking clearly and fluently and using a poster to create an effect and to underline the main parts. After each presentation the children gave each other positive yet constructive feedback.

The results were stunning! The posters turned out to be most beautifully done with a lot of dedication and the presentations themselves were brilliant – a pleasure to listen to. Many children were inspired to read the books that were featured and asked if they could borrow them.

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The children of the EFL-group have been reading Judy Blume’s most popular book called “Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing”. After we had read it we made a reading journal entry together:

  • Writing a summary,
  • Describing two characters,
  • Personal opinion of the book
  • Star rating

Working with the book was so much fun that the class desperately wanted to individually read Judy Blume’s other books in the “Fudge Series” which I had quickly had to order online and they then mostly read within two days with detailed arrangements of who gets which book next.


Our next step was to get to know the author. We compared what was written about Judy Blume on the backs of various book, googled her, watched some interviews with her and tried to get information to the following questions:

  • Where was Judy Blume born and where did she grow up
  • How did her love of books grow
  • When did she start writing
  • What inspired her characters

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As a result, the pupils each made beautiful individual “Author Study Booklets” and recorded their findings:

  • Biography
  • What books mean to Judy Blume
  • A writer is born
  • My favourite book character
  • Books by Judy Blume
  • Funny quotes
  • What impressed me most
  • Comic strip of a scene


Good job pupils!

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